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10 Best Airsoft Pistols in the World

Airsoft games are a great way to exercise your body through crawling, low walks, and sprinting. With the popularity of this game, Airsoft weapons are also going popular day by day because of their versatility and being an effective tool for training of shooting. However, various brands offering a variety of options for airsoft pistols have made it a confusing task to select the best one for you. The best pistols are recognized by distinctive features while carrying design and style similar to the real guns. Though it is safe to use them with proper guidance, the pistol you choose must be reliable and accurate. However, before moving forward, let’s understand what a pistol is.

What Are Airsoft Pistols?

Airsoft pistols are toy guns that look like real ones but are not as powerful. They use some plastic projectiles. Under specific conditions, operating them is safe and these pistols are used widespread across airsoft games and other shooting events. There are two types of pistols used in this game, Pneumatic and mechanical.

The market of airsoft pistol is vast and offers a wide range of features that make the guns famous among players. However, you can be confused if you walk into a store without proper knowledge. In such a situation, this guide can help you choose the best options for your playing style. By the end of this, you will be able to select the airsoft pistol that has the best combination of unique features as well as the quality.

Here’s the list of top 10 airsoft pistols that we are going to discuss.

  1. Glock 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber BB Gun Airsoft Pistol
  2. Elite Force 1911 Blowback 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun
  3. Umarex XBG .177 Caliber Gun Airsoft Pistol
  4. Soft Air Colt 1911 CO2 Airsoft Pistol
  5. Umarex Walther 15 Rounds P99 Blowback Airsoft Pistol
  6. Sig Sauer X-Five 177 Caliber Airsoft Pistol
  7. Remington 1911 RAC CO2 BB Airsoft Pistol
  8. H and K USP Airsoft Pistol
  9. Sig Sauer P226 177 Call CO2 Powered 12 GR Airsoft Pistol
  10. KWA ATP GBB Airsoft Pistol

1.Glock 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber BB Gun Airsoft Pistol:

The airsoft pistol comes with an interesting design. Glock 19 Gen3 has improved functionality and it includes a CO2 blowback system. The gun has a 15 round drop-free magazine. It is a semi-automatic pistol with a textured grip that helps it from being slipped and its silent shooting feature is loved by many players. The rail used in the pistol can be used to add extra accessories. Due to a small size, the pistol is also lightweight in nature.


  • 7.25-inch pistol length with a barrel 4.25-inch long
  • The airsoft pistol has BBs that can be shot at a speed of up to 410 foot per second
  • The weight of the pistol is 160 lbs
  • It comes integrated with weaver rail
  • It has fixed Glock-style sights
  • Its CO2 capsules are of 12 grams only
  • The pistol has as compact and attractive design


  • The pistol has a slip-free handle
  • It provides removable magazine and blowback
  • The pistol is lightweight in nature


  • The pistol has a low magazine capacity
  • It does not provide an extra thread
  • It is not suitable for all-weather conditions

2.Elite Force 1911 Blowback 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun:

It is one of the best airsoft pistols in the market and is equipped with a high-speed blowback technology. The fast-action pistol is suitable for training purposes. It offers a metal body with a CO2 blowback system and also offers high accuracy. The pistol looks like a real one because of its stylish design and being lightweight in nature makes it easy to be carried around. Its handle prevents slipping because of a polymer design cover. It also offers high range shooting and first target acquisition.


  • The pistol is lightweight and easy to handle
  • It comes with a 14 round magazine and a 14mm threaded tip
  • In this pistol, it is easy to add laser, light, and optics
  • Extra threaded tip increases the target capability
  • It prevents slipping due to polymer grips
  • The gun has a compact and attractive design


  • The airsoft pistol comes with a premium look
  • The pistol has a realistic shooting capacity
  • The gun is lightweight in nature
  • It has removable BB and magazine
  • The pistol comes with a silent shooting action


  • It is not fully automatic
  • Its plastic body magazine has low capacity

3.Umarex XBG .177 Caliber Gun Airsoft Pistol:

The pistol is cheap with a magazine capacity of 19 rounds. The pistol comes with high-speed technology with a CO2 blowback system incorporated within its body. It is a lightweight pistol that offers high accuracy shooting experience. Its handle resists slipping because of being covers with a polymer design. It offers the first target acquisition. The pistol has a stylish design and also offers a high range of shooting. Its shooting capacity is 410 FPS.


  • The pistol allows 19 rounds to be shot with a single magazine
  • Its BBs can be shot at a speed of up to 410 fps
  • The pistol is easy to handle and is light in weight
  • Its CO2 capsules are powered by 12 gram
  • Light, laser, and optics can be easily added
  • The pistol has durable polymer grips
  • Its design is compact and attractive


  • The pistol comes with removable BB and magazine
  • The shooting action of the pistol is silent
  • It provides accuracy and high-speed shooting experience
  • It offers a realistic shooting capacity
  • The pistol offers a premium look


  • It is not fully automatic
  • It has a plastic body magazine that comes with not too high capacity

4.Soft Air Colt 1911 CO2 Airsoft Pistol:

The airsoft pistol is reliable, rugged, simple, and timeless. It can be used by both officers as well as civilians. The construction of the pistol comprises of full metal and features a flawless finish as well as design. On the visual front, the pistol appears just like an actual one and resembles too much to a real colt. The metal body of the pistol prevents rust and enhances durability.


  • The capacity of the pistol is 17 rounds
  • Its velocity is 344 FPS
  • A single cartridge offers 60 shots
  • It also provides a high shooting power with 6mm bullets
  • The entire pistol is made up of high-quality metal


  • The pistol is easy to load
  • It comes up with an attractive outlook
  • The shooting action of the pistol is silent
  • BBs and magazine can be removed and replaced easily
  • The pistol allows for accurate and high-speed shots
  • It offers a premium look


  • The pistol has low capacity
  • The pistol is not fully automatic

5.Sig_Sauer SP2022 CO2 Airsoft Pistol:

The airsoft pistol is an effective weapon used by civilians as well as police over the world. The construction combines heavy metals, materials, and polymers. The pistol is durable and it fits into an actual holster. To protect the pistol, a smooth metal barrel is used. It is suitable in various environments because of its rust-free nature.


  • Its 0.20 caliber capacity provides power to every shot
  • The pistol weighs 1.6 pounds
  • It is a semi-automatic pistol
  • The pistol allows customization over its bottom rail
  • Sites and laser system can be added easily
  • It provides long accuracy range
  • The airsoft pistol has a unique cocking handle mechanism


  • The airsoft pistol magazine is easy to release
  • The gun provides a high speed of up to 320 FPS
  • It allows players to make highly accurate shots, which is an important aspect of the field.
  • The pistol use CO2 and blowback action


  • Its blowback action can waste the CO2
  • Premature locking may happen when shooting

6.Sig Sauer M17 CO2 Air Pistol, 20 Round, Coyote:

It is one of the best airsoft pistols that offer a wide range of features. The airsoft pistol is easy to load and accompanying comprehensive instructions makes it smooth to operate. The pistol has a maximum limit of up to 18 BB and its capacity is 18 rounds per magazine. Before every use, the pistol needs cocking. It comes with adjustable backs and a player needs to choose a safe position to store the pistol.


  • The pistol is semi-automatic
  • The gun has two sights that are front and rear
  • The sound of the pistol is averagely loud
  • The pistol also has fixed sights and blowback features
  • Its velocity is 300FPS
  • The magazine of the gun can hold 18 rounds at once
  • Its cartridge is of 12 gram
  • The pistol use CO2
  • Below the barrel of the pistol, it has weaver accessory
  • The pistol is made up of  metal


  • The airsoft pistol provides adjustable backs
  • It has two sights front and rear
  • It provides high power while shooting


  • The magazine capacity of airsoft pistol is low

7.Sig Sauer P226 .177 Airgun Pellet Pistol:

The airsoft pistol is used for plinking and practice because of the desirable features. With its exceptional design, it resembles the U.S military firearm. The pistol is made up of durable metals and also has a matte black finish. Its grips can be molded and offer high contrast. The weight of the pistol is relatively heavy. Its barrel is easily accessible, so you can clean it when needed. The gun is fast and provides the feel of a real one.


  • The pistol comes with a smooth fixed front, bor barrel, manual, rear sight, and grip safety
  • The velocity range of the pistol is 320FPS for steel BBs
  • The pistol carries an authentic design and accuracy
  • The gun can be easily controlled and operated
  • It has 12 gram CO2 as the source of power
  • The weight of the pistol is 2 lbs


  • The airsoft pistol is easy to maintain
  • Its material is sturdy and durable
  • The pistol comes with excellent finish and design
  • It is the replica of a real military gun


  • The magazine preparation of airsoft pistol can take some time
  • The spring-loaded clip, at first, can be difficult to load

8.H and K USP Airsoft Pistol:

This airsoft pistol is considered the best for competitions. With each trigger pull, hammer moves provide a real-like feel. It is a top-notch airsoft pistol because of an exceptional balance and weight. The airsoft pistol needs the player to have an official license and uses CO2 as its power source. The capacity of its magazine is 16 rounds.  The airsoft pistol is reliable and accurate for both short and medium distance shots. It comes with sample BBs and CO2 magazine. The pistol also comes integrated with the tactical rail that allows mounting for scope, lights, and sites. The USP of the pistol is its customizability and an inbuilt hop-up system.


  • With dual firing modes, the pistol offers double action
  • The pistol is semi-automatic
  • Its modes are safe that helps to prevent accidental shooting
  • The pistol is suitable for beginners because it’s slide back is simple to pull
  • The airsoft pistol provides a single shot at a time
  • The frame of the pistol is black and transparent
  • Its blade sights are immovable
  • Its barrel is smooth and pistol slide also operates easily
  • Its velocity is 240FPS


  • The airsoft pistol slide is a firm magazine
  • It provides a realistic feeling
  • It comes with a sturdy material
  • It can be used in residential areas because of its less noise


  • Its magazine capacity is low
  • The magazine includes CO2 and BBs so it is hard to eject or lose

9.Sig Sauer P226 Pistol with Spare Magazine, Black/Pink:

The sights of the airsoft pistol are immovable and its muzzle can be launched with a 350FPS. The entire pistol is made up of metal and uses CO2 as a primary source of power. The pistol has a smooth texture and its internal parts are well-lubricated. The barrel is detachable and adjustable as well. It’s de-cocking works properly and it offers a high-quality shooting experience because of its construction, design, and features. Besides, the pistol also has an in-built Picatinny rail mount.


  • With a 0.1mm pitch, the pistol has threads on the right side
  • For the first eight times, it’s velocity is 350FPS which is then reduced
  • With every weapon use, its shots per gas cartridge vary
  • The pistol needs a less amount of pressure
  • The velocity of the pistol depends on the bullets used
  • The pistol comes with a capacity of a 16-round magazine
  • Unless the CO2 moves down and out of the barrel, its pellet remains within the clip


  • This airsoft pistol is light in weight
  • It works with a strong blowback action
  • The pistol comes with attractive appearance
  • The gun supports accurate and robust shots
  • No leakage occurs


  • The trap door of the pistol can be tough to fold so it is a difficult load
  • A silencer cannot be used with this airsoft pistol

10.Sig Sauer X-Five CO2 Air Pistol, 20 round, Black:

The airsoft pistol is attractive and has a small and sleek design. Its manufacturing is perfect that offers impressive accuracy and range. The appearance and performance of the pistol are efficient as well. It can be used by a range of individuals including beginners, for military training and is also a good fit for outdoor field use. The pistol has high usability and it is not so costly. It is made up of plastic and metal materials. For safety, an interchangeable backstrap is also provided on the grip. The plastic and metal make the pistol durable and sturdy which helps enhance the performance.


  • The airsoft pistol uses the Glock trigger that simply improves the safety level
  • The pistol hinders accidental discharges because the entire finger needs to apply the pressure
  • The trigger of the pistol is intuitive and light
  • The ATP has a metal magazine
  • The pistol provides a stable trajectory because of its hop-up system
  • The pistol offers high velocity and accuracy


  • On the trigger, the pistol offers Glock safety
  • It allows for high accuracy shots
  • The pistol comes with a sleek design
  • It is durable, versatile, sturdy, and lightweight


  • The pistol has a more symbolic deviation shot
  • The sight can reduce its efficiency because of not being firm at their positions

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How to buy it?

When you are choosing an airsoft pistol or gun, you need to consider a few important factors like durability, accuracy, power, use, efficiency, availability, weight, cost and performance. All this can create a lot of confusion in the mind of the buyers, especially the beginners. Before you make the decision and buy the desired weapon, you need to consider the following features to ensure that you buy the perfect pistol:

  • Durability

The airsoft pistol should be durable in spite of the weather conditions. The pistols that are made of hard plastics are best as they are durable and can withstand any kind of weather. The hard plastic will not react with water and can protect the interior metal component.

When the pistol is coated, it is ensured that the weapon is resistant to rust and scratch. As, sometimes it is seen that in different weather conditions, the same pistols have diverse characteristics. So, before you invest or buy a gun, it is important to think about the weather conditions.

  • Availability

It is essential to change and upgrade the parts of the pistol regularly. Due to vigorous activities, the gun can get wear and tear. Some parts can become loose or broken with time. While purchasing, select an airsoft pistol that has a spare pack. Also, make sure that the spare parts are readily available if the package is not usable. Rather than choosing an unfamiliar brand, it is wise to select the one that is available in the market and is renowned.

  • Accuracy

Accuracy plays a crucial role in the pistol. It depends on the timeliness of the shooter and pistol. You have to choose the best airsoft pistol though they are not as accurate as the real one. Its inner barrel should be of good quality and have a desirable length. People may like the airsoft pistol which is precise in hitting the target. You need to buy a hop-up design and high operation power pistols. You can also adjust the hop-up system if your shooting is not accurate.

  • Power

Basically, the Power of the pistol refers to the force at which the pellet or BB is shot. With an increase in feet per second, the potential also increases. The best airsoft usually comes with high power and has a velocity range of up to 200-500FPS. There is a need to have a robust design so that high energy can be achieved. Green gas is a popular power source for gas-powered pistol and CO2 is used in rifles and handguns. So, you should look into investing in a high power pistol.

  • Use

While picking the pistol, you need to be sure for what purpose will you use it. Are you using it for cover fire? Do you need a pistol for a close quarter battle or you want to buy it for spinning?

Pick the pistol that suits your usage. For Close quarter battle, the pistol should be short to make the popping easier. If you are a sports gunner, you should consider a pistol that is heavy and is also hard-hitting, while for cover firing, the weapon should have an immense capacity of magazines.

Hence, before making the decision on which pistol you should consider buying, you should first consider the usage and then select the category accordingly.

  • Efficiency

The efficiency of the pistol is another very important factor to be considered. If you have to reload the pistol frequently, it makes the weapon inconvenient. The weapon that you buy should have a standard range for firing.

The best weapon for airsoft should be able to allow you to fire easily without letting you wait for recoiling. The more the weapon is efficient, the more is its usability.

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Final Words

The best pistol should have a substantial appearance, high efficiency, accuracy and should have a realistic appearance. Along with these features, the weapon should be safe and durable to ensure the safety of the users. You can choose from the list of top 10 airsoft pistols mentioned above that are considered to be the best options available for the players. Ensure that the pistol that you choose has high performance, durability, usage, accuracy and other quality features.