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10 Best Airsoft Sniper in the world

Do you want to buy an airsoft sniper? Millions of people across the world take part in the game and it has rapidly grown into a fun activity. And in this game, your performance depends on the type of weapon and/or gear you use. Though you will find a variety of snipers in the market but do you know one is the best for you? It depends on a lot of factors including your need, kind of sniper rifle, ease of use, and performance comfort.

Airsoft has become a hobby for many individuals because it is an interesting game with exciting gameplay that offers many social, physical, and mental benefits. To enjoy the game, you need to choose the best sniper rifle on the market and to beat the opponents, sharpen your skills. While performance in Airsoft relies on your weapon choice, you should have a deep connection with airsoft sniper when you hold it. You should also know how to assemble, disassemble it, and about small components that can make all the difference. Most people suffer from poor consequences because they don’t check a rifle carefully before buying.

It’s very important that you do your research because the smallest details matter while playing. You should purchase a rifle that is not only reliable but also worth the money you are paying off. The rifles come in different varieties and the current ones are more sophisticated and powerful. You need to choose a gun that is accurate, reliable and has high speed. It can be a challenging task to choose a quality airsoft sniper rifle. Certain airsoft rifles are used across the world and have become popular over time.

Without taking more of your time, let’s have a look at the top 10 rifles considered to give you the best sniping shots during a game of airsoft.

  1. UTG Sport Gen Airsoft Master Sniper Rifle
  2. 500 FPS Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle
  3. UTG AccuShot Competition Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle
  4. BT-96 Bolt Action Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle
  5. BT59 Airsoft Sniper Rifle with 3x
  6. ASG CO2 Semi-auto Airsoft Sniper Rifle
  7. BBTac BT-96 Bolt Action Sniper
  8. M14 BT-M1602 Airsoft Sniper Rifle with Flashlight
  9. Black Ops Break Barrel Sniper Air Rifle
  10. Wellfire MK96 Bolt Action AWP Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Now, let’s have a look at a bit of detail for every rifle on the list.

1.UTG Sport Gen Airsoft Master Sniper Rifle:

A perfect rifle for beginners, this one is lightweight and allows players to easily carry it as compared to other heavyweight airsoft guns. Its bipod is foldable that lets you make adjustment according to your requirement and keep it in your suitcase. It also has an effective range of 200-250 feet and is used in areas like military and law enforcement across the world. It is packed with wonderful features such as muzzle velocity of 460 fps, adjustable hop-up, powerful M700, and BB speed loader. When you are dealing with airsoft guns, accuracy plays an important role. With its long-range accuracy and high power, a player can easily hit the opponent. With the new-gen bolt design, its performance is also improved and helps you use the rifle in the best possible way. With this airsoft gun, you can enjoy the important things that include speed loader, spare magazine, UTG rifle sting.


  • It provides long-range cover with high power
  • Users can manually operate the gun
  • A superior performance
  • It comes up with double Picatinny rails
  • Its contents are made up of high-quality metal
  • It is designed to be lightweight
  • You also get a spare magazine along with


  • It is not suitable for children
  • Its scope is a bit hard to sight
  • 500 FPS Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle

2.Well MB13 Airsoft Sniper Rifle – Black:

It is one of the top quality true airsoft snipers. Its ergonomically designed grip makes it more comfortable so that one can keep it aimed at the target. One of the best things is that with the press of a button, clips pop out and make it easy to load new ones. With a strong construction for better durability, the clip of the gun can hold 24 lbs. The gun is made with metal trigger housing, plastic lower receiver, and one-piece precision of metal barrel. It provides you a greater range of up to 100 feet and a velocity of 450-500 fps. Airsoft players love this gun for its features including 20 mm scope mount, adjustable check rest, and Bipod that helps you in sniping mission. Users find the rifle comfortable to use because pulling back the spring power bolt is relatively easy.


  • The rifle offers a bullet velocity of 450-500 fps
  • Its spring power bolt is easy to pull
  • The gun comes with a realistic magazine
  • Its grip and stock are ergonomically designed
  • It has a metal trigger housing
  • The gun is designed with an adjustable cheek rest

Cons: The bolt action airsoft sniper rifle is not powered by CO2.

3.UTG AccuShot Competition Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle:

A perfect one for long-range shooting, this rifle provides high-power pinpoint accuracy in performance. It comes with an adjustable hop-up system that is made with one piece of a precision metal barrel. The gun is deployed in military professionals and law enforcement for its ability to replicate the powerful M700 sniper rifle. It provides a muzzle velocity of 460 fps, adjustable hop up and BB speed loader. Being lightweight and balanced, this gun is also considered a perfect match for beginner airsoft players. You can also get powered deluxe speed loaders and spare magazines. The gun comes up with the tactical sniper rifle sling powered by a spring that you can use to cock for each shot. The gun does not require any batteries to work which makes it inexpensive to maintain. The rifle comes ready to fire and is made up of metal which makes it last longer as compared to the others. Also, the gun is water-resistant so you can keep playing the game even under the rain. However, make sure that water does not get into the inner parts of the rifle and you will never miss a target. It shoots reliably and airsoft players feel happier with its firepower.


  • Durable in nature
  • Easy to maintain
  • Provides high power pinpoint accuracy
  • Offers an effective and long-range shooting experience
  • The mounting rail system is completely Picatinny


  • The rifle does not come with a scope so you need to buy one
  • The gun does not need any batteries to work

4.BT-96 Bolt Action Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle:

The gun is very powerful and provides perfect accuracy when you shoot. While using this rifle, you might feel like you are using a real one because of the gun being well built. The gun is perfect for long-range shooting while the heavy-duty construction and metal barrel spring with Bipod and scope offer a realistic feel. The sniper rifle provides you the power to always hit your target. Its adjustable zoom hunting scope improves accuracy and sight. The bipod makes the sniper a perfect weapon for long-distance targets. The rifle is quite durable, is easy to use, and feels comfortable. You can buy one for your children so that they can start practicing and perform as great players in an actual game of airsoft.


  • The gun comes with a cleaning rod
  • It is made up of full metal barrel
  • The gun has a heavy-duty construction
  • The gun is very easy to use and comfortable
  • The rifle is accurate
  • Users can manually operate the gun

Cons: This airsoft sniper rifle is heavy

5.BT59 Airsoft Sniper Rifle with 3X:

Airsoft sniper players use this rifle for the best accuracy and performance during the game. The rifle allows you to make accurate shots over long distances. You will also get sling, magazine, a tripod, and scope that can be combined to enhance your performance. Some features of the gun include bipod attachments, top of the scope, and rails at the bottom. The gun provides a velocity of 400+ FPS with 0.20 g BBs. The bolt of the gun is good, not stiff, it’s aluminum bipod and scope are easy to use, and the construction makes it last for many years. The rifle also features an adjustable hop-up and durable ABS plastic. There are no batteries required to operate and you can pick it up and start using. It is very simple to use and maintain.


  • Spring bolt action
  • 400+ muzzle velocity
  • Helps make accurate shots
  • Does not need any batteries to operate
  • It rails at bottom and top for scope
  • The gun comes with a magazine

Cons: For this airsoft rifle guns, it is difficult to find other mags that can fit

6.ASG CO2 Semi-Auto Airsoft Sniper Rifle:

Though It’s not always the best idea to carry a heavy sniper rifle that can make it difficult to lift and shoot, a semi-auto airsoft sniper comes in as a perfect weight match. This rifle is powered by CO2 and holds the BBs in a stick type magazine and because of an ergonometric pistol grip, it allows a fast reload. It features a thumbhole stock and for added comfort when you are shouldering the rifle, it comes with an inbuilt rubber pad. It comes with an adjustable and high-quality bipod, removable laser, and the magazine can hold 15 rounds. There is a long rail on the lower part of the rifle which is used to attach the fully adjustable folding bipod while the rifle can also be used for tactical lights. Moreover, it features an integrated mounting bay for a laser aiming module. Its durability is enhanced with the metal non-blowback internals which provides carbon dioxide and longevity efficiency. You can be sure that this rifle will last for long no matter how many times you use it to play your favorite airsoft game.


  • Its laser scope is removable and adjustable
  • The gun is durable in nature
  • The rifle is comfortable to use
  • Players can last long on the field with the 15 round magazine
  • It comes with a high-quality bipod

Cons: This semi-auto airsoft sniper rifle is not suitable for small children

7.BBTac BT-96 Bolt Action Sniper:

The gun has a perfect construction so it can be used for longer periods. It comes with a user manual that provides instructions on how to set up and use the gun that takes just a few minutes. Also, its good metal construction assures longevity. You don’t have to spend money to buy an additional scope because it comes with an incredible one. While aiming at your target, the rifle also lets you shoot with the accuracy that you need. Apart from the gun, you will also get a lot of packages and accessories that include speed loader, scope, sling, bipod, a cleaning rod, and a magazine. The rifle will never let you down and it is accurate within its range.


  • The rifle comes with a cleaning rod
  • It is available at a great price
  • It uses metal construction for durability
  • It also includes a high-quality scope


  • Its bipod is unstable
  • Its sound is very loud

8.M14 BT-M1602 Airsoft Sniper Rifle with Flashlight:

Equipped with a removable upper system, the M14 BT-M1602 is easy to set and store. The rifle comes with a flashlight and a powerful red dot scope. An adjustable hop-up system lets you get a good sight before shooting to ensure that you never miss a target. The package comes with several features including tactical aim sight, flashlight, and a BB speedloader. Its length is 40 inches long which becomes a problem and you will not be able to pack it in a suitcase. When you are in the battle, the gun performs well and its shooting performance is incredible. You can get up to 400 fps 0.2 gram BB, the rifle is very fast and has high accuracy as compared to other rifles. Many airsoft players are impressed with its price as well as durability. You can use it for many years because its barrel is made up of quality plastic and the firing mechanism is all metal. You can purchase the rifle for your children and give them a nice platform to learn how to shoot with accuracy.


  • The rifle is very accurate and works well
  • It has shoot and spring/cock shooting mode
  • It has a powerful spring
  • The cost of the rifle is effective
  • Its construction is heavyweight
  • M-14 long barrel is used

Cons: The rifle does not fit in the suitcase and you cannot carry it around.

9.Black Ops Break Barrel Sniper Air Rifle:

It is a top-notch performer sniper rifle and can be used for a long period because of its solid build. Its buttstock, check rest, and bipod are designed in a way that they are adjustable to improve the comfort and efficiency of the rifle during use. You can get better performance with its high powered pellet gun. The gun incorporates the spring piston technology that lets you pump out the 0.22 caliber pellets at a whopping speed of 1000 fps. The technology also assures a longer lifespan and increased consistency. The rifle is customizable and does not limit the customizations in a way you want. It provides you the opportunity to add the accessories and your preferred optics to the top-mounted 6in. The gun has an adjustable 4*3 scope with variable bipod and covers so you can be assured of precision shots. For pinpoint accuracy, it comes with a specifically designed metal barrel. It comes with tactical looks and excellent zinging performance, making it one of the best options available for professional airsoft players looking for efficiency on the field. The perfect design of the sniper rifle further adds to the performance and will never let you down. Warranty for the rifle and included accessories are included to guarantee customer satisfaction. Thus, with the knowledge that the purchase is secure, you can buy it confidently without any fear.


  • The spring piston of the rifle is powered
  • It provides maximum accuracy for long-range shots also
  • Its stock is fully adjustable
  • It comes up with break barrel design
  • The rifle is efficient and comfortable to use
  • For durability, it is made up of high-quality materials

Cons: The weight of the sniper rifle is heavy.

10.Wellfire MK96 Bolt Action AWP Airsoft Sniper Rifle:

The rifle provides excellent performance with high-quality buildup. When shooting, its thumbhole gives you stability and comfort that you need. With the rifle, you can also snipe targets that are double the regular distance of unmodified AEGs. The sniper delivers exemplary and unbelievable performance because it combines comfort and firepower. You can always get the desired accuracy and long-range performance with an adjustable hop-up system when using the wellfire MK96. The effective long-range shooting allows you to never miss a target which makes it a perfect rifle to purchase for professional airsoft snipers. Its high-capacity magazine is made to handle a line of 23 rounds. The removable parts of the sniper rifle make it easy to carry as the rifle can be assembled/disassembled without much hassle. Further, the disassembled rifle can be transported effortlessly in a traveling bag from one place to another.


  • The rifle provides an adjustable hop-up system
  • The precision of the gun comes from a one-piece metal barrel
  • The rifle has a one-speed loader
  • The gun comes with a high-capacity magazine
  • It provides high-end performance

Cons: The sniper rifle is not gas-powered.

Best-airsoft-sniper-rifle and Airsoft-vs-paintball

Consider These Factors Before Buying Your First/Next Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Now, when you have gone through the list of 10 best snipers for airsoft, here are some things you should consider before buying the one for you. There are a good number of features, the cost, and other factors you should keep in mind to make your selection process easier. Read through some important ones discussed below to get a rifle that has all the features that you will need to perform the best in your next game.

CO2 and Spring Power

The sniper rifles are powered through either gas or spring mechanism. The guns that are spring-powered consume bolt-action files means they need to be re-checked after every shoot. On the other hand, the airsoft snipers with gas-powered mechanisms add more power and speed to the table and are sensitive to cold and heat.


Whenever you purchase anything, always think about its cost to make sure that what you want to buy is in your budget. Thus, while looking for a sniper rifle, filter the ones out that are not within the price range that you can afford. In addition to the buying cost, you should also consider its running cost and ensure that you make a good investment because they are the powerful weapons that will help you win wars.


Some sniper rifles come up with heavy-weight construction while others are light. You can choose a heavy-weight rifle if you can handle it. But choosing a lightweight one will make carrying it around the field easier without putting much weight on your upper body and making you feel tired. Not only this, but a lightweight rifle also gives you an easy time while shooting.


The hop-up puts a backspin on the BB pellets, making them prevent the pull of gravity and travel longer distances. However, before making a shot, you should make sure that it works properly to get the best shot during the game.


An important factor, durability depends on the type of material used to make the rifle and its construction. The guns constructed using metal are more durable than those made with plastic as the former is stronger than the latter. Thus, it is advised to go for metal-made rifles always.

Final Words

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, choosing the best rifle match for your skills and playing style can give you an upper hand. You can choose from the list of top 10 rifles discussed above that are considered to be top contenders for airsoft players. Further, ensure that the one you choose has a high rating in terms of durability, performance, accuracy, and ease of use along with other quality features. Apart from features, cost, weight, and mechanism also play a vital role.